Dr. Joseph Parent

Dr. Parent developed his mindfulness-based consulting practice through a unique blend of modern western psychology and venerable eastern wisdom training. He is a mindfulness teacher, a sports mental game coach, a life coach, and a business consultant. Dr. Parent has also become a renowned and sought-after keynote speaker around the country, offering pathways to success through mindfulness and peak performance principles, as well as his NINJA System™ for habit change.  To learn more about Dr. Parent and the many ways he shares mindfulness with the world visit www.drjoeparent.com.

Nancy Parent


Nancy Parent is a 20-year veteran of Disney Publishing Worldwide, editing and writing hundreds of books for the MouseWorks and Disney Press vertical imprints as well as Disney global publishers.  In Addition, Nancy has written and edited for DreamWorks, Simon and Schuster, Scholastic, Reader’s Digest Children’s Books, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Fox, and many more. Her picture book, Holly Bloom’s Garden, was co-written with Sarah Ashman and published by Flashlight Press.  Nancy is also a contributing writer to The Best Diet Book Ever, The Zen of Losing Weight, and the online magazine HEALer.com.  Nancy resides in Burbank, CA. Visit her website at NancyParent.net.

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